Mouse Pad with Storage Board,Mouse Mat with Storage Board

- Apr 06, 2020-

Mouse Pad with Storage Board Features:

Use small space-The slim shape helps to ensure that this accessory does not take up space. For travelers who travel frequently, gadget lovers, storage lovers, etc., there must be a good solution. This travel organizer can keep things neat and tidy and make your trip easier.

Resilient retention organization-The electronic organization board can be used to place small portable gadgets such as power banks, chargers and charging cables, USB flash drives, keys, pens, etc. Please note that this is just an organizer board, not a bag or zip closure.

Non-slip stretch weave, super stretch and cross-knit design can firmly fix small objects. Don't worry about the gadget falling off. Built-in PE board, elastic organizer is strong enough and not easy to bend.

Every gadget of a different size can find its place, making it easy to find and use different configurations. The rear file bag is used to store files and documents.

Mouse Pad with Storage Board Features:

1.Eco-friendly and durable double-sided non-slip rubber band

2.High-strength PE board plastic

3.Surface nylon cotton

4.Diving oxon rubber band

5.Environmentally friendly mouse pad

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