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- Nov 23, 2019-

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Office supplies, which are the auxiliary items used by people in their daily work, are mainly used in business units. They cover a wide range of categories, including: file and archive supplies, desktop supplies, office equipment, financial supplies, consumables, etc. Related supplies.
China's office supplies industry is gradually developing towards industrialization and scale. The quality of the products produced has the competitiveness of the international market. With the continuous expansion of the demand market and the growth of exports, a new development opportunity will be ushered in.
Stationery supplies
1, file file management class: hole folder (two holes, three holes folder), non-porous folder (single strong clip, double strong clip, long clip, etc.), report clips, board clips, classified folders, Hanging clips, computer clips, paper clips, file boxes, information books, portfolios, file sets, business card boxes/books, CD bags/books, briefcases, zipper bags, card bags, file cabinets, data holders, file baskets, Book, photo album, drawing folder
2, desktop supplies: stapler, stapler, puncher, scissors, utility knife (wallpaper knife), paper cutter, ticket holder, nail series, pencil sharpener, glue stick, glue, tape, tape holder , calculator, ruler, compass, pen holder, pencil case, desk calendar, conference card
3, office book: wireless binding, spiral, leather, loose-leaf, paper, newspaper stickers, post-it notes, notes paper / box, meeting minutes
4, writing correction supplies: gel pen (signature pen), ballpoint pen, pencil, table pen, whiteboard pen, highlighter, paint pen, pen, marker, watercolor pen, POP pen, eraser, correction fluid, correction tape, Ink refill, soft pen, crayons (painted stick), writing brush
5, financial supplies: account book / account book, carbonless copy of the bill, voucher / document, carbon paper, UF supplies, bill binding machine, financial calculator, stamp / ink, check folder, special seal, seal box, portable vault, numbering machine
6. Auxiliary supplies: newspaper rack, magazine rack, whiteboard series, ID card, packaging supplies, pedestal series, certificate series, key management
7, computer peripherals: CD, U disk, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, mobile hard disk, voice recorder, patch panel, battery, headset, optical drive, card reader, memory card, controller (touch screen control system Box), CPU, memory stick
Office supplies
1, printing supplies: toner cartridges, ink cartridges, ribbons, toner cartridges, components
2, binding supplies: binding clips, binding aprons, binding through the film, leather paper
3, office paper: copy paper, fax paper, computer printing paper, color copy paper, photo paper, inkjet paper, coated paper, inkjet paper, drawing paper, full paper, self-adhesive printing paper, color machine Paper, color cardboard
4, IT supplies: network cable, crystal head, network cable adapter, video cable, power cord
Japanese Department Store
Daily necessities: household paper, disposable products, cleaning supplies, labor insurance products, hardware tools, carbonated drinks, office tea coffee, purified water, convenience food, paper, web, large paper, toilet paper, paper towels/wet wipes, towels , handkerchief, cup: teapot / kettle, tea set, mug, plastic cup, cup, paper cup, cartoon cup, ceramic cup, mug, cup stick, coaster, glass, coffee cup; food and drink: tea / coffee / Convenience food / drinking water / biscuits; gloves, masks, shoe covers, overalls.
office equipment
1. Office equipment: shredder, binding machine, check printer, attendance machine, money counter, laminator, business card scanner, telephone
2, IT equipment: computers, projectors, copiers, fax machines, printers, all-in-ones, scanners, cameras, cameras, switches, routers
3, office appliances: humidifiers, water dispensers, electric fans, vacuum cleaners
4, the importance of office equipment maintenance Office equipment promotes active maintenance, so that machine downtime is minimal, so as to obtain the best use efficiency and value.
Copiers, printers, fax machines, card machines, attendance machines, etc... are precision office equipment that integrates optical, mechanical and electronic technologies. By using a small electrostatic toner, the electrostatic principle is used to form on the photosensitive material. The electrostatic latent image causes tiny toner to adhere to the photosensitive material and then transfer it to the paper to obtain a copy. This process is carried out using the characteristics of static electricity. Therefore, paper dust, floating toner, and the like are easily attached to the transmission member, the optical member, and the high-voltage member inside the machine, but the presence of these only affects the quality of copying. If left unchecked, it will increase the driving load of the machine and hinder the elimination of heat. It may also be the cause of machine failure.
Regular maintenance can remove dirt inside the machine, add lubricant to necessary parts, clean optical parts, improve copy quality, eliminate possible failures in the bud, and reduce downtime.
In order to always get good copy quality, reduce downtime and reduce losses, it is recommended that users sign a maintenance agreement with the authorized agent before the end of the warranty period, so that your machine can still enjoy the warranty-like service after the warranty period. , get long-term protection.
office furniture
Filing cabinet, locker, multi-drawer cabinet, miscellaneous cabinet, safe, desk, office chair, filing cabinet, metal cabinet
Financial supplies
1, manual bookkeeping:
1 ledger (general ledger, ledger, journal, etc.)
2 voucher (revenue voucher, expense voucher, transfer voucher)
3 statements (profit statement, balance sheet, etc.)
4 pens (preferably for financial purposes)
5 ink (blue, black, red)
6 abacus (basic calculator)
7 feet, paper clips, pins
8 subject chapter, own name stamp, ink pad
9 Cashier needs all kinds of bank settlement vouchers (credit vouchers, wire transfer vouchers, checks, etc.), and can be configured to set up cash registers for cashiers, etc.
10 other
2, computer accounting
1 computer (including printer, preferably can access broadband)
2 computer accounting voucher
3 financial software
4 pens (preferably for financial purposes)
5 ink (blue, black, red)
6 abacus (basically with a calculator)
7 feet, paper clips, pins, rubber bands
8 cashier needs all kinds of bank settlement vouchers (credit vouchers, wire transfer vouchers, checks, etc.)
Labeling machines
Print barcodes, labels. Fixed assets, network cable, cable details.

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