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- Jan 05, 2020-

Outdoor goggles lens:

      1.Using impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC), which is a space material, early used in astronaut masks, and bullet-proof glass;

      2. The flat optical wide-angle lens adopts the American diffused anti-fog treatment, which has a long-lasting anti-fog effect. The 100% U.V stable material is anti-ultraviolet, and the line of sight on water and under water does not change.

Mirror ring:

      3. Increase and increase the thickness of the silicone conjoined lens ring, which is smooth in design, beautiful and comfortable, easy to wear, effectively reduces eye pressure, and swims comfortably;

      4. High-grade silicone material using cutting-edge technology, soft and water-proof in contact.

Mirror belt:

      5. Tough and elastic silicone mirror belt, while ensuring strong swimming goggles, disperses the stress, reduces the pressure on the eye frame, and is more comfortable to wear.


How to use outdoor goggles:

     1. First place the swimming goggles on the fixed position on the face. After wearing, gently press the lens, and then pull the headband to the back of the brain to 45 degrees to prevent it from loosening.

     2. The nose band is too short or too loose, it is easy to seep. Adjust the length of the nose band to match your face shape.

     3. Too short a headband will increase eye pressure and round marks on the eyes.

     4 Before use, adjust the headband to the most comfortable condition. After wearing, gently press the lens to exhaust the air in the lens.

     5. Please keep the goggles clean. After each use, just wash with water and wind. Never wipe the inside of the lens with a cloth.


Outdoor goggles maintenance:

      1. The lens and its coating are easily scratched by external forces. Avoid touching the lens with fingers or other hard objects to prevent scratches on the surface and affect perfect vision.

      2. The water quality of public swimming places such as pools or beaches contains chlorine water or salt, which may corrode the goggles and headband of the goggles. After use, rinse with water and dry them in the goggle box.

      3. Depending on the water quality of the goggles, stains may condense after using the goggles for a period of time. Please rinse with neutral liquid detergent or water. Do not use organic solutions such as alcohol or wipe them in contact to avoid erosion or damage. Lenses and anti-fog layer.

      4. Please put the goggles in a goggle box and store them in a cool and dry environment, because long-term direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity will shorten the life of the anti-fog layer and cause abnormal aging of silicone and other materials.

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