Phone Holder Stand

- Mar 16, 2020-

The popularity of mobile phones and a large number of digital products has become one of the essential elements of modern fashion life. These products are powered by lithium batteries, so they must be recharged frequently to ensure the normal use of mobile phones. However, the setting of sockets in various public and private occasions and the internal environment of the car is often inconvenient for direct charging, there is no device to place the phone around, or the height of the socket is too high, and the length of the data cable is not enough to cause the phone to be charged with Failure caused by collision and friction, or damage to the phone caused by pulling on the connection port. So this product came into being, just fold it gently, buckle the two ends, put it in the mobile phone, and hang the upper section on the mobile phone charger or power supply, you can safely charge it!With a silicone mobile phone charging case, you no longer have to worry about being hurt phones


Phone Snap Stand-1

Silicone Phone Charger Adapter-4