Plastic Pen Holder

- Nov 12, 2019-

Plastic Pen Holder:

The pen holder is the most important stationery in ancient China except pen, ink, paper, and enamel. It appeared in the middle and late Ming Dynasty. Because of its ease of use, the pen holder has quickly become popular in the world.

Plastic Pen Holder:

The pen holders are mostly made of porcelain, wood, bamboo, lacquer, jade, teeth, purple sand, plastic, iron, and silica gel.

Plastic Pen Holder Introduction

However, with the development of modern technology, the shape of the pen holder has also been made in a variety of ways, mostly in plastic, so there is a plastic pen holder. The biggest feature of the plastic pen holder is that it has fast production, many patterns, novel appearance and low price. It can also introduce the company's products; the pattern or advertising language is printed on the pen holder, and an advertising pen holder is formed. Brand awareness, a good product to improve corporate culture image. Especially in the case of friends screaming at each other, giving each other, where the pen holders are, where the propaganda is going, is an economical and affordable mobile advertisement both indoors and outdoors. Giving the pen holder to the consumer, so that the company's brand can achieve long-term propaganda purposes, and receive unexpected results.


The plastic pen holder is made of polyvinyl chloride. The plastic pen holder has higher chemical stability than the pen holder of the general material, beautiful appearance, complete structure, great flexibility and superior performance, especially popular among young people. The plastic pen holder is also a low-input, high-yield product with natural color, gorgeous colors, rich and varied patterns, and can be used as one of the must-have items for a variety of styles. Plastic materials are reasonably priced and are harmless to the body, and the market prospects are very broad.

plastic pen holder