Principle and structure of ballpoint pen

- Mar 02, 2021-

The ballpoint pen is a writing tool that has been popular all over the world in recent decades. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient carrying, lubricating writing, and suitable for copying. Therefore, people from all walks of life such as school students to office building clerical staff are happy to use it. A ballpoint pen is a pen that uses a tiny rotating ball. This ball is made of brass, steel or tungsten carbide, which releases ink onto paper when writing. The ballpoint pen is very different from its predecessors-reed pens, quill pens, metal nib pens and fountain pens.

The writing principle of the ballpoint pen is mainly to use the ball to directly contact the paper surface to generate friction when writing, so that the ball rolls in the ball seat, and brings out the ink or ink in the pen core to achieve the purpose of writing.

A ballpoint pen is a pen that uses ink and different pigments to write. The tip of the pen is a small steel ball. The small steel ball is embedded in a small cylindrical copper bowl, and then connected to a plastic tube containing ink. The ink flows down the surroundings as the steel ball rotates.

The pigment of ballpoint pen ink is dye. There are three main ink colors: blue, red, and black, of which blue ink is used the most. In the past, the pigment components in blue ink were salt-based royal blue and salt-based green lotus, and the solvents were oxidized castor oil and ricinoleic acid. Because basic dyes are not light fast (light fastness is only level 1-2), are not heat resistant, and are not resistant to acids and alkalis, they have poor durability and have been eliminated. The "424" blue ballpoint pens and "322" black ballpoint pens currently on the market have better handwriting durability.

There are frequent reports of toxic scented ballpoint pens. The volatile organic compounds contained in inferior scented stationery are toxic and harmful to the human body; but we have not heard of poisoning caused by normal use of oily ballpoint pens that are not mixed with volatile organic compounds. event.