Promotional Customized 3D printing pen

- Feb 28, 2020-

3D printing pen

3D printing pens are immediately reminiscent of the magic pen Ma Liang? Seems a little closer. This is a pen that can write in the air, helping you free your imagination from paper. We all feel that the two-dimensional picture is not vivid enough, and we want to make it a three-dimensional object, which can help you do it.

3D printing pen is the world's first pen with 3D printing capabilities. Using PLA and ABS plastic, the 3D printing pen can "write" on any surface, and even draw directly in the air. It is compact and requires no computer or computer software support. Just plug it in and wait a minute before you start your wonderful creation.

If you can dance your fingers in the air, you will be able to master the 3D printing pen without a teacher. It is based on 3D printing, extruding hot-melt plastic, then rapidly cooling in the air, and finally solidifies into a stable state. Gives you endless creativity. With just a few hours of practice, you can draw amazing gorgeous.

This pen is 184mm long * 31mm * 46mm high. It weighs 60 grams and can work at 110v or 240v. Children under 12 years of age are recommended to operate under the guidance of professionals. Because the material is drawn under heating, the pen tip temperature is about 70 ~ 80 degrees (Note: only for 3D printing pens produced in China. Domestic 3D printing pen nibs are ceramic and have been cooled. But 3D abroad The printing pen is made of metallic copper, and the temperature can reach more than 200 degrees.) If you touch the pen tip, you will have a higher temperature and heat, and younger children will be less pain-resistant. So be careful during use, do not let children touch the pen tip and the consumables just squeezed out