Pu Foam Stress Ball

- Nov 16, 2019-

Pu Stress Ball is a material ball, also known as pu foam stress ball, PU sponge foam ball, bouncy ball, pressure ball, toy ball, Stress Reliever, vent ball, spray ball and so on. Pu is a polyurethane for short, and Pu has the characteristics of resistance to tortuosity, good softness, and high tensile strength, and also has a gas permeability which is not found in PVC. The PU ball is a product obtained by injecting a raw material into a mold through a filling machine.


Pu Foam Stress Ball Size and Color: fashiongiftvip.com The conventional size is: 4.0cm 5.0cm 6.3cm 7.0cm 9.0cm 12cm 18cm 23cm. The colors are: white, orange, yellow, brown, blue, green, mixed colors, and the like. Therefore, it is also possible to customize the size and color according to the customer's requirements and print the logo.


Pu Foam Stress Ball Advantages: environmentally friendly, non-toxic, realistic, smooth surface, colorful, rich in shape, durable, good rebound, breathable and not deflated, soft and comfortable to wear, suitable for men and women!


Pu Foam Stress Ball function: 1. As an "decoration", it is very suitable for car pendants, bag pendants, mobile phone pendants, home decorations, office decorations, store decorations, venue decorations. 2. As a "toy", it is especially suitable for children to feel fresh and interesting; to effectively develop children's sports potential. 3. As a "venting ball", it is especially suitable for family members, colleagues, and friends to give each other gifts to help relieve stress and ease the mood in the workplace. 4. As an “advertising promotional gift”, it is also a souvenir, promotional gift, event prize that is very suitable for shopping mall promotions, company party events, store festivals, and prize-winning prizes.