Pull out banner pens,Retractable Banner Pens

- Nov 14, 2019-

Pull out banner pensRetractable Banner Pens are also called concept paper pens, advertising paper pens, pull pens, concept gift pens, Pens With Pull Out Scroll , Retractable Banner Pens and so on. There is a size of 180x68mm advertising paper in the pen, so it is called pull brush, material AS, ABS

Pull out banner pensRetractable Banner Pen is a utility model that applies a spring device to the ordinary ballpoint pen pen according to the principle that the spring is stretched and contracted to reduce the power. The printing paper is embedded in the ballpoint pen tube without changing the writing function of the ballpoint pen. The user can conveniently and freely pull out the advertising paper and automatically retract, which has certain propaganda, entertainment and ornamental. Concept pull brushes are now widely used as advertising gifts and promotional gifts.


1. Pull out banner pensRetractable Banner Pens advertising paper can print color advertising patterns and text on both sides.

2. The advertising paper is made of 90GSM double copper paper, the front is covered with film, the reverse side is not coated, ordinary waterproof, tough, and free to expand and contract.

3. Most of the pull brush advertising paper size: 180x68mm part size is 180x60mm or other custom size

4. Pull out banner pens of shell is made of AS, ABS material, transparent and lustrous. It is made of high-quality synthetic material and is tough. It is not easy to be damaged when it is pulled out.