Reverse Straight Umbrella Introduction

- Nov 12, 2019-

Reverse Straight Umbrella Introduction:

It’s really annoying weather when it’s raining. It’s not so convenient to go to work and go to school. The wet umbrella is not comfortable. In response to this situation, a reverse umbrella that subverts our umbrella concept has been invented. Do you know what a reverse straight umbrella is? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Needless to say, everyone should know the pain of umbrellas in the rainy days. The wind blows the entire umbrella surface and is directly scraped. It can't catch it. Sometimes it even breaks the skeleton, and the whole umbrella is directly abolished. .

Therefore, it is not so easy to make a concave shape in the rainy day. First of all, you must have a good umbrella. The general umbrella will stop eating directly in the windy weather. Is it necessary to have a strong umbrella to take on this responsibility? In fact, it’s just that your umbrella is not open.

The reverse straight umbrella that is currently on the market can be said to be a revolutionary design in the umbrella industry. After years of painstaking research (in fact, in order to better shape the rain), the designer developed this reverse folding umbrella.

Oh, this is the reverse straight umbrella. This reverse straight umbrella is completely different from the traditional umbrella. The traditional umbrella is opened downwards and open. It adopts the opening way from the inside to the outside, which subverts the opening method of the traditional umbrella.

This reverse straight umbrella is made of double-layer umbrella cloth, and the ribs are attached inside and outside. The head and tail of the umbrella cloth can slide on the umbrella shaft, and it is like a blooming flower from the inside to the outside.

The reverse straight umbrella is also very good at workmanship. The umbrella shaft is made of aerospace grade aluminum. The spokes are made of fiberglass. The umbrella cloth is made of double-layer breathable and hydrophobic material. The rainwater falls on it and can slip down instantly without depositing dust.

So what is the advantage of this reverse straight umbrella?

1. No dripping: Because the umbrella surface is made of hydrophobic coating, it will not cause raindrops to stay in itself, and when the umbrella is closed, the outside becomes internal. When the umbrella is closed, the rain will be directly trapped inside the umbrella, and will not follow. The umbrella flows out so it can stay dry.

2. Opening and closing in the smallest space: When getting on and off the door in rainy weather, the smallest space can be used to open and close the umbrella to reduce the degree of wetness.

3, the crowd is easy to open and close: because the opening of the umbrella is facing up, so you don't need to raise the height to avoid pokes to the people around you.

4, anti-strong wind: Because the umbrella uses double spokes, even if it is blown over by the wind, don't worry, the button on the handle can restore it to the original shape of the umbrella opening.

 Usually, when we pick an umbrella, in addition to the appearance to be happy, the rib design is one of the considerations for purchase. If it looks weak or hard, the wind is a little big, not flowering or fracture~ and this reverse umbrella The ribs are made of double-layer fiberglass, which is twisted and twisted, and will not fall apart!

The rib is a lotus shape and the umbrella is hexagonal!

At the same time, in order to increase its sturdiness, the structure of the ribs is also designed as a special lotus type, which adds wind resistance and adds! In addition, the umbrella of the inverted umbrella is a rare hexagon, and the electric iron is used as the material, so the firmness is not a problem, and it is not easy to suffer from the ruthless rust of the years.

The water forms a bead on the surface of the umbrella, and some of the water droplets that have not slipped are almost clean after rubbing!

In addition, the umbrella is just like a person. If there is only a skeleton, no skin and blood and flesh, how can it be a complete individual? Therefore, the material and design of the umbrella surface are also to be selected with wide eyes! The umbrella surface of the inverted umbrella is not bad: the double-layer high-density impact cloth can prevent water splashing and anti-UV, and it can provide intimate protection regardless of the sun or the rain.

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