Safety Hammer Keychain, Keychain Emergency Hammer

- Feb 14, 2020-

Frequently asked questions about self-rescue tools-Safety Hammer Keychain, Keychain Emergency Hammer

How the self-rescue tool came about: its design was derived from a car safety life hammer. It is an innovative hand-held car emergency self-rescue tool. Although it is small and very small, it has amazing capabilities. It does not need to be placed in a specific place. It can be carried on your car key and you can get it at any time.

The biggest wish of the self-rescue tool is to protect everyone and his lover.

Can self-help tools be reused-yes! Can be used multiple times.

The firing pin can be automatically returned after use, and then it can be used repeatedly. The cutting blade of the seat belt is also very sharp to ensure multiple uses, which guarantees its highest cost performance!

Where can I try it? To avoid injury, we highly recommend people not to try the keychain on the window of the car. The best way to see how the keychain works is to try it on cushioned objects like magazines and magazines. Note book. If you really want to try it on car glass, please wear protective glasses and gloves to avoid possible damage when using tools.

This tool cannot break automobile windshield, multilayer glass and bulletproof glass, nor can it break other multilayer glass, and other non-window glass. The side glazing of some cars is also laminated glass and cannot be used. This product is only suitable for ordinary automobile side window glass.

This product must only be used in emergency rescue situations, and cannot be used for any other purpose. In an emergency, the driver trapped in the car can use it to cut the seat belt and break it to escape when the side window of the car fails to open.

The emergency rescue car keychain is divided into three parts:

A: Blade protection buckle-pull it out and use

B: seat belt cutting tool --- hook it to the car seat belt and pull it to cut the seat belt

C: Car glass firing pin: Align the rear part with the side window glass of the car and press it hard. The hidden firing pin will be released and the window glass will be broken instantly. The firing pin will then return automatically and can be used multiple times. It takes about 12 pounds (5 kg)

Warning: Keep out of the reach of children.

Please note that this firing pin can be reused multiple times!