Selection paper of office notebook

- Dec 08, 2019-

Selection paper of office notebook

1. Office Notebook Paper Quality: commonly used papers are beige and beige dowlin paper; pure white wood pulp paper; copperplate paper; butter paper, etc. The quality of these papers is of the highest quality among similar papers, and special recycling is used. Wood pulp production, does not contain acid, the surface has a slight coating, with a natural texture, delicate feel, the printing ink spot naturally shines, the color reproduction is realistic, high-definition, has a strong three-dimensional sense, and is inexpensive!

2. Office Notebook Paper thickness: There are three kinds of paper thickness, 80g, 100g and 120g. Grams represent the density of the paper. 80 grams of paper is slightly thinner than 100 grams of paper, which is about the same thickness as our usual writing paper. Both types of paper can be used for inner pages. The difference is that 80 grams of paper, because it is thinner, the brush strokes will be softer, and the writing will feel more comfortable. And 100 grams of paper is a bit stiffer, and writing is not as good as 80 grams, but it looks high-grade and has its own advantages.

3, The color of the notebook stationery paper: beige, beige doolin paper, the color is very soft, for those who like to write, is the first choice of inner pages. Pure white paper, white has a stimulating effect on the human eye under strong light. Looking at white paper for a long time will cause eye fatigue and tears;

4. Smoothness of notebook stationery paper: The smoothness of paper writing is very important, which is very important to the paper making process (gluing). The surface of a good paper must be smooth and smooth, and the writing is smooth. Low-quality paper with astringent writing and more noise on the paper.