Shaker Bottle,Shaker Cup

- Mar 31, 2020-

How does the shaker cup,shaker bottle work?

1. The working principle of the shake cup/shaker bottle is the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, which is generally used for drinking protein powder or milkshake.

2. The shake cup/shaker bottle is similar to the 55-degree cup. It is a water cup with rapid temperature change and a utility model patented high-tech product. It became popular on the Internet due to its powerful functions and became the new favorite of major e-commerce companies.

3. Just put the protein powder, warm water, and spring ball into the cup at the same time, cover the lid and shake directly, so that the protein powder and water can be stirred evenly under the action of the spring ball.

4. The shaker bottle is filled with phase change metal between the internal thermal conductive layer and the external thermal insulation layer. Hot water releases heat to the phase change metal through the thermal conductive layer. The phase change metal absorbs and melts quickly, and the temperature of the hot water decreases rapidly. Subsequently, when the hot water is cooled, the phase change metal solidifies and exotherms. This heat can keep the temperature of the hot water near the melting point of the phase change metal for a long time to achieve a thermal insulation effect.

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