Silicone Building Block Notebook,Silicone Notebook

- Feb 20, 2020-

Silicone Notebook from fashion gifts in daily life, refers to the booklet to record all kinds of things. Narrow refers to the horizontal line, the general name of the booklet used to record.

A booklet originally used to record all kinds of things. When human beings do not invent words, they usually tie ropes to record numbers or events and express some meaning to convey information. From the primitive painting relics in the net, the pottery of the Jomon pottery and real shuttles can be seen ,it is a widely used primitive record of. Jason can not only record the time that the notepad Notepad, as the ancient primitive but also the dissemination of culture, because life gradually rough heart.

The book is divided into a variety of notebook, cover material commonly used leather, silicone, PU leather, cloth and metal PP, etc.. The binding forms are: paperback notebook, loose leaf notebook, ring notebook, hardcover notebook.