Soft rubber keychain, PVC rubber keyring introduction

- Feb 15, 2020-

Soft rubber keychain, PVC rubber keyring introduction:

PVC soft plastic keychain, also known as soft PVC key charm, PVC key ring, soft plastic keychain, plastic keychain, creative keychain, etc., because it is produced by the glue-drop process, it is also called glue-drop keychain and trace Keychain. Environmental testing, this PVC key ring with nickel-plated key ring is more durable than galvanized key ring, and the plating layer is more resistant to corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions about PVC Keychain:

1. The white area on the surface of PVC keychain is easy to be mixed with impurities

After the white material is adjusted, it should be stored in a neat environment and sealed. Otherwise, it will fall into other impurities and cause black spots. The conditions of small factories are limited and it is easy to cause problems in this regard. During production, the surface of the mold should be kept clean. It is best to clean the surface of the mold every time a mold product is made.

2. Uneven thickness of PVC keychain

It’s not good to control the thickness of PVC keychain, the problem is caused by the base material. The thickness of the base material should be controlled when the base material is added and not easy to control. This soft rubber keychain, PVC rubber keyring is produced by a dispenser in our market. The production speed is faster and the thickness control of the product is better.

3. Other issues

The material should be evenly distributed, and there should be no exposed bottom or climbing on the wall. If it is manual production, it is best to have professional hands responsible for the storage and dispensing of white materials. The nickel-plated key ring is used for accessories. Don’t damage it when installing otherwise it's easy to rust.

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