Spinner Bottle Opener Hand Spinner Bottle Opener

- Feb 10, 2020-

Everyday work, everyone has a little stress and fatigue for a long time. At this time, it is most necessary to use distraction to relieve stress and fatigue. Fidget spinner bottle opener is a handy toy used by people at home and abroad to relieve fatigue and relieve stress. The fidget spinner bottle opener was first popular in North America, then flowed into the country, and it has been popularized through continuous revisions and upgrades! Our company has been at the forefront of the industry in upgrading research and development. After continuous upgrades, our fidget spinner bottle opener, from the first generation to the sixth generation, have been well received and praised by users!

With the continuous evolution of fingertip tops, fingertip tops are now more than just a toy to relieve fatigue and stress. Now it is constantly developing towards functionalization and practicality. Bottle opener fingertip gyro is another latest masterpiece of our company which is developed and launched by us.

Fidget spinner bottle opener is a popular decompression hand toy, and our new fingertip gyro corkscrew is a new beer corkscrew function, which means Expansion and upgrade of gyro function. This is not just a toy, but also a practical tool for everyday use; in addition, businesses can also use it as promotional gifts, gifts, souvenirs.

The material uses rust-proof bearings and stainless steel plus ABS. The high-quality materials thus ensure that the product does not rust, deform, and fade. The rotation time is up to 2 minutes, so that we can enjoy the fun at the fingertips while drinking beer!