Stainless Shaker Bottle,Shaker Bottle

- Mar 21, 2020-

Precautions for Stainless Shaker Bottle,Shaker Bottle

1. When hot water is installed, please place the product out of the reach of children, so as not to cause burns.

2. Do not place the product near high-temperature objects, otherwise the product may be deformed, discolored, or the paint may fall off.

3. When hot water is installed, please drink carefully to avoid scalding.

4. Do not place the stopper in scalded boiling water to avoid deformation or leakage.

5. After cleaning, please confirm whether the silicone ring is installed correctly. If the installation is incorrect or not installed, it will cause water leakage.

6.Do not use abrasive powder, metal cleaning balls, degreasing oil or chlorine-containing cleaners to avoid scratching, rusting or corroding the product surface.

7. Please do not drop the product or subject it to a huge impact, so as to prevent the product from being sunken and causing the product to be defective.

8.It is forbidden to put in the oven, microwave oven and dish dryer

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