Stress Relief Toy

- Nov 15, 2019- supplies a variety of pu toy balls; PU gift toys; pu baseball; pu foam toys; pu dolls; pu pressure ball; pu ball; pu vent ball; pu cup sleeve; pu glove; pu keychain; Pu; pu car; pu cartoon doll; pu transportation; pu simulation food; pu fruits and vegetables; pu animal modeling; pu weapons; pu drug organs; PU products, cute, flexible, soft and handy, colorful, safe and reliable It is an ornament, a collectible, a gift, a holiday gift and an advertising promotion, and can be printed with LOGO and various advertising information.
First, product attributes
(1) Stress Relief Toy features: The material is made of high-grade imported environmentally-friendly PU. The foaming toy molded by MOLDING takes the length of the injection-molded toy and shortens the injection-molded toy!
(2) Advantages of PU toys: vivid color, smooth surface, bright colors, cute shape, no deflation, durable, good rebound, safe to use, soft and comfortable to wear, suitable for both men and women!
(3) Stress Relief Toy: It is a new type of high-grade toy that can be used for gifts, collections, decorations, and gifts. Can print advertising balls for advertising purposes!
(4)Stress Relief Toy variety: a variety of different styles, such as PU ball (for PU golf, basketball, football, baseball, tennis), animals, vegetables, fruits, key rings, mobile phone racks Wait. Pu styling is made according to the real thing, very realistic, difficult to distinguish between authenticity, is a rare good decoration. Variety of ever-changing varieties for you to develop!
(5) Stress Relief Toy selection: This product can be exported to Europe and the United States, etc., can be printed LOGO, etc., can be customized according to the size and weight required by customers, fast delivery!
(6) Stress Relief Toy Price: Because the factory direct sales, so the price is cheap, repeat customers, the source is stable, welcome to OEM! Dedicated to provide quality services to our customers, welcome friends from all industries to guide and patronize!
Second, Stress Relief Toy process: foam molding, trimming repair, painting, printing, stickers, packaging
1. Process 1. Product molding: The total output is related to the number of molds. The more molds, the larger the daily output. For any OEM product, there are 5 sets of molds.
2. Process 2: Trimming: trim the excess burrs at the product clamping line to make the product look neat and beautiful.
3, process three, spray paint: the color of the product, according to the product's own characteristics of different colors, such as red strawberries spray green leaves
4, process four, printing: generally suitable for monochrome LOGO printing, pad printing, can also use two-color printing.
5, process five, stickers: two or more complex color LOGO, you must use a transfer (transfer sticker). Because of the manual alignment, it is prone to positional deviations and other defects.
6, process six, packaging: divided into ordinary packaging and packaging according to customer requirements.
Third, Stress Relief Toy security attributes:
Safety: PU foam toys are safe, non-toxic, and have no harmfulness. They can be tested by various international standards, such as EN71, phthalate, toxicology, etc.
Delivery time: 100,000 PCS within 30 days.
Packing: special paper box for export, the material is A=B, the inner and outer layers are all 250g, the corrugated core is strengthened, the core is 200g, the outer box has enough gravity, and it is not deformed by land and sea. The inside is 1PC/1poly bag.
Four: The defects of the Stress Relief Toy product itself:
PU foam toy gifts have many inherent disadvantages or flaws because of technical limitations. Please consult with our company before placing an order. The current part is as follows
1. The thickness of the mold-bonding line cannot be the same: PU foamed product is formed by in-mold infusion through heat setting and subsequent processing. When in-mold infusion, the size of the mold-bonding line and the mold have a large The relationship, while the mold hair is made by hand, so there are many human factors, so in the filling molding, the thickness of the mold line is difficult to achieve completely consistent.
2. The weight can not be completely consistent: this is related to the mold clamping line discussed in the first point, because the thickness of the mold line is inconsistent, the residual material of the mold is inconsistent, resulting in inconsistent actual product weight, in addition, the injection molding machine Accuracy has a lot to do with it. Any device has an accuracy problem. In general, like the ordinary 20 gram product, for example, plus or minus one gram is very normal.
3. The feel is not exactly the same: as discussed in the second point, the weight is inconsistent, of course, there is a small gap in the feel.
4. The overall level of the trimming of the nozzle is inconsistent: the burrs that are poured out are artificially repaired, and each person's technique is inconsistent, resulting in small differences.
5, if it is a sticker process, the LOGO position may not be exactly the same: some complex LOGO, must use the sticker process, the sticker (TRANSFER STICKER) is hand-aligned, so it is impossible for everyone to be completely uniform.
6. The biggest defect is the defect in the product shape: because the product is foamed, it is a blank that is integrally formed at one time, so the place where it is too sharp must have a certain curvature. And can't be separated, for example, the tires and body of a car must be connected together.