Stress Relief Toy,Pu Foam Stress Ball

- Mar 02, 2020-

1. The hardness of the product can be adjusted according to requirements, and the weight of the product can also be adjusted within the upper and lower ranges according to customer requirements. The quotation is only for conventional hardness and weight. The soft and soft feel of the product can be adjusted according to customer requirements. No additional charges are required.

2.PU slow rebound products, due to different material and process changes, the unit price must be calculated immediately. The slow rebound speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the guests. The rebound speed can be adjusted for more than two minutes.

3.PU foam toy gifts have many inherent disadvantages or defects due to process limitations.

First, the thickness of the clamping line cannot be all the same: PU foam products are made by in-mold injection through heat setting and subsequent processing steps. During in-mold injection, the size of the clamping line is very large compared to the mold. The mold blank is hand-made, so there are many human factors, so it is difficult to make the thickness of the mold line completely consistent in the injection molding.

Second, the weight cannot be completely consistent: This is related to the mold clamping line discussed in the first point, because the thickness of the clamping line is inconsistent, the residual material out of the mold is inconsistent, resulting in inconsistent actual product weight. In addition, the injection molding machine The accuracy has a lot to do with it. Any device has a precision issue. In general, like an ordinary 20g product, plus or minus one gram is normal.

Third, the touch is not completely consistent: as mentioned in the second point, the weight is inconsistent, of course, there is a small gap in the touch

Fourth, the overall level of trimming is inconsistent: the burr that is cast is manually trimmed, due to the inconsistency of everyone's methods, causing small differences.

Fifth, the LOGO position of the heat transfer sticker process cannot be exactly the same: for some complex LOGO, the sticker process must be adopted. The stickers (TRANSFER STICKER) are manually aligned, so it is impossible for everyone to make a complete uniform.

Adapt to occasions and characteristics:

1. Suitable for company publicity activities, product promotions, various exhibitions. Can print company text LOGO, or global printing patterns.

2. Product styles can be arbitrarily selected, the surface is soft and smooth, and the colors are colorful, with decorative effects and used in various advertising promotions

3. The shape of the product is cute, not fragile, soft, feels good, and the volume and weight are suitable. Loved by children

Safety: PU foam toys are safe, non-toxic and non-harmful, and can pass various international standards such as EN71, phthalate, toxicology, etc. The defect is the defect in product modeling: because the product is foamed, it is a blank that is molded at one time, so there must be a certain degree of radian in the point where it is too sharp. And can not be separated, such as car tires and body must be connected together.

Stress Relief Toy