Stress Relief Toys Football Stress Keychain PU Foam Keychain

- Feb 06, 2020-

Fashion Gifts supplies various stress relief toys, pu toy balls; PU gift toys; pu football; pu foam stress ball; pu dolls; pu pressure balls; pu balls; pu vent balls; pu cup covers; pu gloves; pu keychains; pu phone holders pu car; pu cartoon doll; pu transportation; pu simulation food; pu fruit and vegetable; pu animal shape; pu weapon; pu drug organ; PU product, cute shape, flexible, soft and handy, colorful, safe and reliable, It is decorations, collectibles, gifts, holiday gifts and advertising promotions, and can be printed with LOGO and various advertising information.

1. Size: Can be processed according to customer's sample drawings

2. Material: Polyurethane (can pass various environmental protection tests such as EN71, SGS)

3. Color: according to the customer's designated color number (PMS color number)

4.LOGO: can print customer specified logo

5.MOQ: 3000 pieces / each

6. The shape can also be specified by the customer, and processed according to the customer's sample drawing

Features of pu toys

1. Imported raw materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They do not contain heavy metals and ammonia, which conform to relevant international toy regulations.

2, closed cell structure, does not absorb water, can prevent moisture, good water resistance.

3. Resistant to seawater, acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free.

4. The product is soft in texture, has high resilience, high tensile resistance, strong toughness, and good shockproof / buffering properties

5, strong stability, super low temperature resistance (-70 degrees).

6, no joints, and easy for hot pressing, cutting, gluing, bonding and other processing.

PU Foam Keychain

Printing process: pad printing / sticker transfer

Product Name: PU Foam Keychain

Specifications: customized according to customer requirements

Product color: according to customer requirements

Material: LOGO / PU + printing

Product features: Water-proof and floating, soft and durable, peculiar shape, significant promotion effect, suitable for large amount of gifts and cheap

Price promotion items.

Product packaging: individually packed in PP bags, 100 large plastic bags, or according to customer requirements.

Product appearance: According to customer artwork, square, round, and special shapes are available.