Stroller parts

- Oct 15, 2019-

1. Awning

For the baby, there is an awning that can be protected from wind and rain. It is one of the conditions of the trolley. The size of the awning is related to the shade range and the role of wind protection.

In addition, there is also a specially designed parasol that can be fixed on the frame and has the function of omnidirectional and high and low. The advantage is that it can grasp the direction of sunshine and is more ventilated. Some awnings also have anti-ultraviolet function. For selection of references.

Mom is careful: the awning can usually be removed or not used, you can hang down the back of the car or the back of the chair, but remember that there should be a transparent design to open the window above the awning, so that you can visit the baby at any time.

2. Seat cushion

The seat cushion can be said to be the closest to the baby, and the design will be different and tailored according to the size or folding method of the stroller. In general, the dual-use car is more spacious and thicker; while the lighter umbrellas are usually only supported by a single layer of cloth because of the light weight requirements.

In addition, it should be noted that the pressure of the seat cushion after the load is not too deep, that is, the support force is enough, otherwise the baby will sit uncomfortably. In addition, in order to protect the young head, you can choose a soft head cushion.

3. Sleeping basket

Nowadays, the sleeping basket is already a small part of the baby stroller. When the baby is asleep, the sleeping basket can be put on the cart and can be carried or attached to the stroller.

4. Anti-smashing cover

The smash-proof cover can be attached to the stroller to ensure that the baby can breathe fresh air. The smog is more harmful to the baby than the adult, and it is easy to cause respiratory diseases.