The development of bottle opener

- Nov 20, 2019-

Bottle opener, ordinary plastic bottle opener, wine knife (small knife opener), European bottle opener, T-type bottle opener, alloy bottle opener (butter opener), vacuum bottle opener, electric bottle opener , table opener, wall-mounted bottle opener, mini bottle opener, etc.

Bottle opener uses: open beer bottle cap

Material: metal, ABS, acrylic, aluminum alloy, PVC soft plastic bottle opener

Bottle opener classification

According to the material: stainless steel beer bottle opener, plastic + stainless steel beer bottle opener, aluminum beer

According to the shape: the development of beer bottle opener such as racket type, rabbit type, bank card type, golden boy and female type, "OK" type

With the emergence and development of modern industry, the development of bottle openers from the first generation to the third generation, from the initial plastic bottle opener to the emergence of various high-tech bottle openers, has experienced decades of development. Some people say that the traditional bottle opener is a tool used by "barbaric gentlemen". Then, with the advent of the pneumatic bottle opener and the electric bottle opener, the "barbaric gentleman" has become more elegant and become a true gentleman.

The development of bottle opener

First generation: traditional bottle opener

Traditional bottle openers are mainly represented by plastic manual bottle openers. The shortcomings of this bottle opener are obvious: 1. Strenuous; 2. Not suitable for ladies and children; 3. Unsightly appearances;

The second generation: stainless steel opener, butterfly opener, hippocampus opener, metal bottle opener, etc.; multi-function bottle opener; pneumatic bottle opener and electric bottle opener (former) this generation of bottle opener began to appear Diversified functions, easy to use and labor-saving, such as the appearance of a small knife in the stainless steel bottle opener, to play a role in cutting the tin foil; and the metal bottle opener began to use the principle of leverage, to achieve a convenient and labor-saving effect; this generation of bottle opener The breakthrough lies in the emergence of the third generation of air bottle openers and electric bottle openers, laying the foundation for the third generation of air pressure and electric bottle openers.


The shortcomings of this generation of bottle openers are also obvious. First of all, they are not suitable for women's use. The metal bottle opener starts to use some physical principles, but the product is bulky and clumsy. Air pressure and electric bottle openers are not yet technically mature and aesthetically pleasing.

Third generation: air bottle opener electric bottle opener

This generation of bottle openers includes a pneumatic bottle opener, and the electric bottle opener (dry electric electric bottle opener and rechargeable electric bottle opener) is developed on the basis of the second generation, represented by air pressure and electric bottle opener. Get rid of the shortcomings of the first and second generation of wine bottle opener, laborious, clumsy, technically mature, stylish and beautiful appearance. The outstanding feature of this generation of wine bottle opener is the automatic operation, the modern technology is perfectly applied to the wine bottle opener, saving time, labor, convenience and more suitable for women.

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