The function of Anti-myopia pen

- Jan 10, 2020-

The function of Anti-myopia pen:

Anti-myopia pen is a kind of smart pen specially developed for students. It is the first high-tech patented product at home and abroad to correct students' bad posture and writing posture. It is a collection of optics, electronics, and mechanics. It is composed of more than 70 high-tech components such as standardized pen holders, full-angle electronic eyes, intelligent chips, and central processing units. Designed for students "anti-myopia, anti-hump, write good characters"! It has a standardized pen-holding slot that can standardize the child ’s pen-holding posture. During writing, the child is sitting incorrectly, the desktop distance between his eyes is less than one foot, and he is close to the desktop. The built-in full-angle electronic eye will automatically transmit information to the central processor, making the machine The nib will retract automatically when the parts are linked. When the student adjusts (upright sitting position), the nib will automatically extend. Restore normal writing function. A touch is set at the pen tip, and the pen core is retracted automatically when the pen is held too low. In the course of children's learning with anti-myopia pens, without the reminders of teachers and parents, parents' concerns and worries are relieved, and a standardized posture and posture for holding pens are naturally formed, which can fundamentally prevent the occurrence of myopia and stooped hump, allowing children to develop a lifelong use. good habits! In addition to the sitting position, in the digital age, high-energy short-wave blue light in mobile phones and other electronic products is also the main cause of myopia. Therefore, to prevent myopia, hackers need to use anti-blue light film to effectively block the high-energy short-wave blue light in electronic products. hurt.

1. When reading and writing, don't lie on the table with your head tilted to study, let alone lying or sitting in the car to read, the posture of reading and writing must be correct.

2. When writing and reading, keep your body at a distance of about 30 cm.

3. Don't use your eyes for a long time, especially when using a computer, watching TV, reading or writing. The continuous time is best not to exceed 40 minutes. After using the eyes, you should take a break of about 10 minutes in time. Do eye exercises and look at the green in the distance. Scenery, or rest with eyes closed.

4. The indoor light should be sufficient and soft. Can't study under strong sunlight, you can choose a non-strobe light, such as incandescent.

5, balanced diet, do not picky eaters, eat more foods that are good for the eyes, such as carrots, tomatoes, corn, spinach and other red foods, all have health effects on the eyes.

6. Regularly add vision nutrients to enhance the anti-fatigue ability of the eyes and prevent the occurrence of myopia. General doctors recommend taking Vision Eye Nutrients, two packs a day, and taking it for a period of time can protect eyesight and prevent myopia.

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