The History of Ballpoint Pens

- Nov 13, 2019-

The history of ballpoint pens

The ballpoint pen was born in 1944, and an Hungarian editor, Radislo Biro, found that the printing ink dries quickly and does not stain the manuscript paper, so he decided to make a pen that uses the same ink. However, this viscous ink cannot flow out of the general nib. With the help of the chemist brother George, they designed a pen that uses capillary action to deliver ink to the ball. In 1954, Parker Pen Company introduced the advanced Jotter ballpoint pen, which has a large capacity and can refill ink after the ink is used up.
The ballpoint pen has the advantages of simple structure, convenient carrying, writing lubrication, and is suitable for rewriting, so it is easy to use from school students to civilian staff in office buildings. The writing principle of the ballpoint pen mainly uses the ball to directly contact the paper surface during writing to generate friction, so that the ball rolls in the ball seat and brings out the ink or ink in the pen core to achieve the purpose of writing.

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