The useful of phone holder stand

- Nov 19, 2019-

The useful of phone holder stand

The phone holder stand is mainly based on the principle of mechanics, so that the tablet mobile phone has a support point, which can be placed upright or obliquely on a horizontal object.

There are two main types of mobile phone brackets, one is a suction ring attached to the back of the mobile phone, and the other is a bracket for placing the mobile phone on the top. The first method of use only needs to stick the suction ring on the back of the phone, and then put the ring out to place the phone. The second one directly opens the phone holder to 45 degrees, and puts the phone on it.

Most of the car brackets are available in a replaceable holder, which can be switched at will, whether you use a tablet or a mobile phone. It is equipped with a large and powerful suction cup, which can be stably attached to the windshield. It can also be installed in the air outlet of the automobile air conditioner and the instrument panel of the car. The support frame is strong and strong, does not shake, drop, and can be adjusted in angle, and can be used with different clips on the car and on the table. There are many types of car brackets, including bicycle brackets, motorcycles, and mobile phone brackets. Of course, these are inseparable from the production of mechanical and electrical equipment such as the bending machine, pipe bending machine, buckle machine, bending machine, compressor, circular machine, embossing machine and shearing machine of our three excellent electromechanical machines.

1. Instrument panel suction cup type. As the first generation of mobile phone brackets, the disadvantage is that the suction cup is not strong, and the mobile phone is easy to fall; the advantage is that the position of the instrument panel is optional, and it is placed in the position that it feels most comfortable;

2, front block suction cup type. Installed on the front windshield, the disadvantage is to block the line of sight, unsafe; the advantage is the structure of the snake rod, the adjustment angle is convenient;

3, the outlet is hanging. It is installed in the air outlet position of the air conditioner. The disadvantage is that the fixed structure and position are limited due to different models, and it is impossible to rotate and adjust the angle; the advantage is that the fixing is firm;

4, magnetic 360 degree rotating mobile phone holder. It is installed in any plane position that is convenient for the driver to operate. The magnetic disadvantages will affect the signal magnetic field of the mobile phone, and the printer will be placed under the paste. The advantage is that it is compact, flexible, and does not block the line of sight. It can be taken by one hand.

5, silicone or other non-slip brackets, the shortcomings can not adjust the direction, the phone is not fixed enough, the advantages are fixed and the phone is easy to remove.

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