There are so many useful little notes, how much have you missed?

- Dec 05, 2019-

There are so many useful for sticky notes post it notes, how much have you missed?
Post-it notes are a common small item in life. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors. People can use it to record a lot of small pieces of knowledge or simple messages. Usefulness. In fact, the glue used by sticky notes is a kind of strong glue that has failed experiments. The glue of this kind of glue is not strong. After sticking, you can easily remove the object with a small amount of force. With today's post-it notes, it quickly became popular around the world under the commercialized operating model. Now people can use post-it notes to do a lot of things.
[1] learning knowledge for post it notes/sticky notes

Sticky notes are small and convenient, which can be used to learn knowledge very well. When you want to learn, you don't miss any knowledge points and exercise types. The best way is to put them together and store them in a certain order and ideas. You can also It can be supplemented at any time for easy reference. Sticky notes are the most suitable tool. You can use a post-it to build a directory so that everything is clear at a glance, you can easily find the knowledge points you want, and you can clarify the relationship between knowledge points, use different types of convenience, and focus on key knowledge points, or The knowledge points that you have mastered are written, which can clearly analyze what knowledge you need to master. Various knowledge points can also be classified and counted, and new knowledge can be added at any time, as long as the shape and color of post-it notes are used.
[2] Preschool education for post it notes/sticky notes

Because post-it notes come in a variety of colors and shapes, you can use these features to help children develop some simple preschool education knowledge and help them distinguish what colors or shapes they see. Because the price of post-it notes is also very cheap, you can repeatedly use them to record some of the information you need to record, which may also cause children's interest in learning.
[3] play games for post it notes/sticky notes

Utilizing the color and shape characteristics of post-it notes, they are also commonly used in kindergartens. You can use post-it notes to play fun games with children. For example, in a short time, see who can put post-it notes on your friends. Even if you post more, you can also make post-it notes as a maze or a passage. Shape to cultivate children's imagination and dead force. You can also play collage games with post-it notes, you can spell a variety of shapes and shapes, and you can also cultivate your child's imagination.
[4] Creative Craftsmanship for post it notes/sticky notes

You can also make many handmade products by using the stickiness of post-it notes, because sticky notes can be folded and bent, and you can use the stickiness of sticky notes to imitate according to the shape and color of real objects, creating similar handmade products. This can not only exercise children's imagination, but also cultivate children's hands-on ability. Children will seriously observe things in life, in fact they serve multiple purposes.
[5] Skillful use in life for post it notes/sticky notes

There are many places in life where you can use post-it notes. For example, it can be used as a bookmark, can be used to write essays, can be posted in many places to remind yourself of things you need to do, can be used as decorations, can be used as a source of inspiration, and so on.