USB flash drives

- May 20, 2020-

This USB flash drives with touch screen from has a key ring position. The surface of the U disk is designed in ABS style. The surface of the U disk is like a disc. It is dazzling and unusual under bright light. The USB flash drives chip part is designed in the center of the buckle, the plastic shell material body, the finger gently buckles outward to open the usb interface, full of personality.

The design creativity of this USB flash drive is highlighted on the buckle. You can hang it on your body for easy carrying. The color of the USB flash drive is quite fashionable. This USB flash drives is very suitable for fashionable sportsmen. Wearing such a U disk with you, not only highlights the high-profile taste, but also highlights the cool style of the owner. The U disk is easy to operate and uses the current leading UDP technology of flash disk. This technology integrates the PCB substrate assembly and semiconductor packaging manufacturing process, and uses this technology to directly encapsulate the components required for small storage products to form a finished flash storage product. Make the data safer and more reliable and have the characteristics of long service life, energy saving, sturdiness and durability.

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