UV color change Keychain Wristbands Bracelets,UV Monitor Keychain

- Feb 16, 2020-

A Brilliant UV color change Keychain/Wristbands/Bracelets. UV Monitor Keychain With increasing UV rays and worries about skin cancer these nifty wristbands are perfect for indicating the current uv levels within your area. Debossed with your logo these UV keyrings can be customised to any level.

1, professional processing custom environmental protection PVC key chain key chain key ring key ring pendant pendant ad promotion product

2. Features: This product can make a variety of cute cartoon images, corporate logos, etc. colorful, soft, vivid, and various effects (flat, three-dimensional, double-sided). Hanging on a metal key ring is both a chic trinket and prevents key loss.

3. Uses: Keychains can be used on keychains, backpacks and other decorative items, especially for advertising and promotion in a wide range of industries, such as major enterprises and stores, and gifts.

4. Different logos can be made at the same time, which is a kind of practical products that promote corporate culture.

5. The product can be used repeatedly for a long time. If it is dirty, it can be washed with detergent and water.



Uv_Sun_Color_Changing_Bracelet_Uv_Sensitive (1)