Various pens for writing

- Nov 15, 2019-

Various pens for writing

Pencil is a pen type used for writing and drawing. It has been around for more than 400 years. Among them, the pencils for drawing sketches are divided into many types. The pencil types include: "wood pen holder", "sharp pen", "hat with pencil". "Ordinary pen" means that the pencil manufacturer presses the pencil lead with a wooden pole. The pencil needs to be cut out by the consumer before it can be used. In addition, there is a small piece of rubber at the end of the ordinary pencil rod. It is more convenient to reverse the error by the pen and was invented by the American painter Oman. The “sharp pen” is a pencil half-product that sells a pencil rod to a pen tip of a certain length for sale. The "cap pencil" is a combination of a pencil rod and a pencil cap.

The pen is a universally used writing instrument that was invented in the early 19th century. The tip is made of metal and is sleek and flexible, and quite smooth. There are obvious trademarks and models at the mouth of the pen or the surface of the pen tip. A pen is a pen-based writing instrument that mainly uses metal as a pen. It is filled through a hollow pen tube, ink (mostly black or blue), by gravity and capillary action, and then written by a duck-billed pen. Different from light and heavy, it can be said to be a writing instrument for Western calligraphy. Most of the pen's ink can be refilled, usually using a vial such as eye drops or a straw to fill the ink. The earliest history of water-filled pens dates back to the 10th century, and the earliest water-filled pens were used until the 18th century. The development process was slow, but it was not until the early 19th century that a pen that stabilized the accelerated flow was invented during the production process. Only three key inventions have made the pen a widely popular writing instrument. These inventions are: tinned gold pen tips, hard rubber and free-flowing inks.

Chinese brush (writing brush) is a traditional writing instrument originating from China and has gradually become a traditional painting tool. The brush was invented by the Han people in production practice. With the continuous development of human society, the industrious and intelligent Han nationality constantly sums up experience, preserves its essence, discards its dross, dares to explore, and dares to innovate. For thousands of years, it has made outstanding contributions to the creation of a glorious culture of the Han nationality and to the cultural exchange between the Han nationality and the world. The brush is a treasure provided by the Han nationality to the world art treasure house. A traditional writing instrument and painting tool from China.

 A pen made of poultry, beast, or human hair. It is listed as one of the four treasures of Chinese literature. It is hard, soft, and soft. The term "person" here means the meaning of the lanugo, which can be used as a fetal brush.

Marker pen (English: Marker pen or marker), also known as a marker pen. It is a drawing color pen for writing or painting. It contains ink and usually has a pen cover. It usually has a hard pen. Marker's pigments are volatile and are used for one-time fast drawing. Often used in design items, advertising slogans, posters or other art creations. You can draw a thicker line that doesn't change much. The box head pen is a kind of marker pen. Today's markers are also divided into water-based and oil-based inks. Water-based inks are similar to colored pens. They are content that does not contain olein. Oily inks contain olein, which is more irritating and more volatile. If the toy is off paint, you can use a marker to complement the color.

The gel pen, the ballpoint pen whose viscosity is between water and oil, is called a gel pen. The gel pen originated in Japan and is a novel writing instrument popular in the world. The gel pen has the advantages of a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. The writing feel is comfortable, the ink viscosity is low, and the material that is easy to lubricate is added. Therefore, it is smoother than the ordinary oily ballpoint pen, and is an upgraded product of the oily ballpoint pen. Bullet type, carefully observe the tip of this gel pen, we will find that they are like a bullet. In the manufacturing process, we cut an original rod into a complete tip by metal cutting. The bullet type is suitable for making thicker pens. The market is more than 0.5MM, and the thickest can reach 1.2.

Ball Point Pen, or ballpoint pen, is a writing instrument that uses dry thick ink and relies on the freely rotating steel ball on the tip to be transferred to the paper. It has the advantages of no leakage, no weather influence, long writing time, no need to inject ink frequently, and the price is relatively low. It is the most popular writing instrument in the world in recent years.

Ballpoint pens, also known as bic. It is a writing instrument that has been popular in the world for decades. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient carrying, writing lubrication, and is suitable for rewriting, so it is easy to use from school students to civilian staff in office buildings. A ballpoint pen is a pen that uses tiny rotating beads made of brass, steel or tungsten carbide that releases ink onto the paper as it is being written. The ballpoint pen is very different from its predecessors, the reed pen, the feather pen, the metal pen tip and the fountain pen.

Various pens for writing