What are the benefits of outdoor goggles?

- Dec 30, 2019-

What are the benefits of outdoor goggles?

The effectiveness of the outdoor goggles is to avoid irradiating the eyes with damage.

Outdoor goggles can change the transmitted light intensity and spectrum. The most effective and common way to avoid eye damage from radiation is to wear protective glasses.

These glasses can absorb light of some wavelengths and allow light of other wavelengths to pass through, so they all show a certain color, and the color presented is the color of transmitted light. One is the absorption type and the other is the reflection type. The former is used most often. Outdoor goggles are glasses that can change the intensity and spectrum of transmitted light to prevent radiation from causing damage to the eyes.

Notes on selecting eyepieces:

1.Choose a function that blocks blue light

This must be noticed, whether it is computer outdoor goggles or anti-radiation glasses such as anti-blue light glasses, if there is no effect of blocking blue light, it is just a flat mirror, we must pay attention to whether there is a coating.

2. The sight cannot be blocked. The blue-proof glasses have a coating on it, but it does not hinder the sight. If you feel that the sight is blocked after wearing it, there is a very fuzzy feeling, then do not buy.


The lightness is not good. After wearing it, I will feel that the bridge of the nose is particularly heavy for a while. Anti-blue light glasses must pay attention to lightness and comfort, if it is uncomfortable, it is the eyes.