What are the fashion gifts good at branding?

- Jan 04, 2020-

What are the fashion gifts good at branding?

How your brand can be remembered by customers at a glance, or how to make everyone pay more attention. When we promote the brand, we can combine some small gifts to attract customers, and we can directly implant brand advertisements on small gifts. Of course, when choosing gifts, we still have to consider from the practical point of view. If your small gifts are used by customers every day after you send them out, it is really practical and flows in the hands of customers every day, of course you will remember You're up, and it will attract more people to use your brand.

Inverted Umbrellas

Speaking of umbrellas, there must be a hand, and no one can do without it. This inverted umbrellas are fully automatic, handmade, traditional craftsmanship, both rain and rain, aluminum umbrella bone anti-wind design, can be positive It resists high winds and surpasses the performance of ordinary umbrella bones. It adopts high-strength thickened springs, which can be opened and closed 500 times without failure, ensuring elegant operation in wind and rain, which is practical and beautiful.

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Metallic Sport Bottle

Metallic Sport Bottle, one-key light-start design, derived from French romantic feelings, humanized drinking water outlet, anti-scalding and anti-sagging water, you can drink with peace of mind; no matter whether it is business or small fresh, it is simple and elegant. , Warm with colleagues anytime, anywhere, food-grade 304 stainless steel liner electrolytic treatment, bright and beautiful, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean drinking water healthier. The cup body is spray-painted and painted, and it is very wear-resistant in addition to its beautiful colors. It will not easily scratch the paint, and it can also print a corporate logo to make the brand image appear to everyone.


Plastic Tape Measure

In fact, the plastic tape measure is still a small tool that is used more often in life. Girls need not say that they have confiscated a small soft ruler, and they have to measure their waistline at both ends for three days. Each of us should have encountered the trouble of not being able to find a ruler when I wanted to measure something and compare the size. The big metal tape measure was too heavy and unattractive, so at this time there was a delicate and small mini tape measure. Very useful, the shell is made of plastic, the inside is a soft soft ruler, and it also comes with a metal key chain. When not in use, it can be hung on the key as a keychain, which is convenient to carry and has a high value.