What are the types of night light? What does a small night light do?

- Dec 04, 2019-

What are the types of night light? What does a small night light do?
Night Light Introduction
The night light is soft and plays the role of guiding the light in the vast darkness. At the same time, it has the function of multi-purpose light. Adding the essential oil of aromatherapy will become the incense lamp. The lamp can achieve the effect of non-toxic mosquito repellent, and is especially suitable for infants and children's rooms. Adding vinegar can achieve the effect of disinfection, sterilization and air purification. Newly renovated bedrooms can decompose harmful gases.
Night light classification
1. Aromatherapy night lights: ceramic materials are mostly divided into dyed, non-dyed, carved and other series. A small saucer can be added to the top of the ceramic night light or a groove is designed on the top of the ceramic night light, which can hold essential oils to achieve the effect of aromatherapy.
2.Touch lights: It is suitable to be placed on the bedside or next to the computer, and use the human touch to adjust the switch and brightness.
3.Sound control night light: suitable for places such as stairs and aisles, using the sound of human movement to control the switch, at the same time, the night light is automatically turned off when it has not been used for more than a period of time.
The role of the night light
1. Aromatherapy effect: The essential oil is volatilized by the heat of the bulb, which has the functions of deodorizing, purifying the air, decomposing second-hand smoke, and alleviating mental stress.
2. Illumination function: there are second and third gears and switch gears, and the brightness can be adjusted; the lights used in daily life are too dazzling and uncomfortable at night when the lights are turned on at night. It produces a moonlight-like lighting effect and creates a hazy and warm lighting environment, which helps to calm people down and sleep peacefully. It can be used as aisle lights and save electricity.
3. Craft decoration effect: The night light has various shapes, beautiful and practical, vivid shape and lovely image; the lampshade can be twisted down for decoration or gift.
How to buy night light
The night light is not used as the main light source in the room. It is generally installed on the wall for auxiliary lighting and decoration. It is installed on the wall or pillars at the bedside, hallway, corridor, etc. Pay attention to the quality of the lampshade. When buying a wall lamp, you must first look at the quality of the lamp itself. The lampshade mainly depends on whether the light transmittance is appropriate, and the pattern and color of the surface should echo the overall style of the room. Whether the corrosion resistance of the metal is good, whether the color and gloss are bright and full are all important indicators for checking the quality. The last thing to pay attention to is to choose a lamp cap made of fireproof material, so as to prevent ignition of the wallpaper and cause danger.
As a delicate and clever product, the appearance of the night light has indeed brought many aspects of convenience and visual enjoyment to people's lives. It is worth recommending to everyone.