What is the use of foldable water bottle in summer?

- Dec 27, 2019-

What is the use of foldable water bottless in summer?

Summer is a season when water is extremely scarce.Often you will sweat a lot, get thirsty, and drink water often. Therefore, many tourists, pedestrians, shopping outside, go to the supermarket to buy water when you are thirsty, and now the mineral water on the market is very cold when you drink it, which can quench your thirst for a short time, but often the hot sun shines The bottle body will become hot and there will be no freezing effect. Some people bring their own thermos bottles to drink frozen, but such a large bottle is also heavy in the bag, which is inconvenient. So at this time you can choose the folding collapsible water bottles produced from us fashion gifts.

Various conveniences of foldable collapsible water bottles:

First, the folding collapsible water bottles can replenish a small amount of water in a timely manner. Everyone knows that you can't drink at one time during exercise, because drinking a lot of water instantly can easily cause a huge burden on the heart. Scientific research has found that the best way to replenish water during exercise is to replenish 100 ml of water every 15-20 minutes. If you buy a traditional water bottle to hold water, it is difficult to guarantee this frequently. Because you have to stop, take out the water bottle, open the lid, take a sip, screw on the lid, and retract it. This series of actions is repeated every 15-20 minutes. I think most people can't hold on. And the water bottle makes it easy to drink water. Every 15 minutes, take a hose and take a sip. Convenient and controlled drinking water.

Second, the collapsible water bottles can be deformed at will, which is relatively more space-saving. Because most water bottles are cylindrical or square, it is easy to form a gap between them when placed with other items. The collapsible water bottles can be deformed so that it can be completely filled and fit with the surrounding environment.

Third, the collapsible water bottles can be squeezed and bumped. Of course it must be the good quality of collapsible water bottles.it’s not like a kettle,the paint easy to fall off when touched or bumped.

Fourth, the collapsible water bottles without odor and does not corrode, so it can be placed in a variety of juice acid drinks

Fifth, the collapsible water bottles hardly occupies any place when not in use. The empty collapsible water bottles can be flattened and tucked in any places of the backpack.

Sixth, the collapsible water bottles can be frozen and will not easily burst. Some collapsible water bottless are directly designed with large openings to facilitate put the ice cube into collapsible water bottles.

Seventh, the collapsible water bottles can be used as a hanging shower when necessary. The easiest way is to wrap a water-filled collapsible water bottles in a black plastic bag, place it in the sun for a while, and the water will heat up, then hang it high, and use the water spray to shower.