What material is good for clothes dust cover

- Jan 08, 2020-

What material is good for clothes dust cover

1.Oxford material

In fact, there are still many Oxford cloths on the market, and they are also favored by many consumers, because Oxford cloths are not easy to age, and they are also resistant to moisture and dust. The effect of preventing dust is better.

However, the Oxford cloth has a small disadvantage. If there is a rat or the like in the home, it is easier to be bitten. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the presence of rats when dustproofing.

2.Plastic material

I believe that many people do n’t have much strangeness about using plastic as a dust cover, because the older generation almost always use plastic bags or some plastic films to dust-proof clothes. In fact, the effect is better, because plastic The structure is relatively tight, not as small as other fabrics.But it is also because of this tight structure that its breathability is not very good, and it is relatively easy to get wet, so we must also pay attention to hanging in a dry place when hanging clothes.

3.Non-woven materials

This material is now also used by many people as a wardrobe, so the effect of dust cover for clothes is also very good. Non-woven materials can be dust-proof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, etc. to a certain extent. In other words, the effect is relatively good.

4.Translucent material

What is a translucent material? In fact, this is also a kind of plastic, but plastic is also fully transparent and translucent.If it is completely transparent, we can see the shape of the clothes, but the material is a bit worse. If it is completely transparent, its quality will be much better, and it can also prevent insects.

5.Material of cotton products

When it comes to cotton, should many people say that this is not clothes? Yes, if we have some old clothes or some fabrics in our house, we can also make this dust cover by ourselves, and the effect is very good .