What’s the benefit for clothing dust proof bag?

- Jan 09, 2020-

What’s the benefit for clothing dust proof bag?

When it ’s time to change seasons, clothes that are n’t worn are kept in the closet. When you open it, you always smell a little smell. It feels tidey and feels a layer of gray. It ’s really unbearable. How effective is it? Suppose you want to buy a transparent dustproof coat cover, how do you choose to reduce space?

1. The dust is always caught off guard. It has been left unattended for a long time. There is dust everywhere, which is really annoying. The transparent dustproof coat cover, like its name, is dust-proof and can protect things from corrosion and damage. Is that transparent dustproof coat cover for clothes easy to use?

2. It has many shapes, and it will have different effects according to different situations, such as circle, square, polygon, etc. Everyone should pay more attention to which one is suitable when choosing. In addition, there are different types of clothes transparent dustproof coat cover, such as wire support type or stitching type, etc., the effect is also different.

3. Now many people like to use it, and the materials are also different, resulting in different prices. There are single pieces and three-dimensional ones, which can accommodate six to eight pieces of clothes, so the clothes transparent dustproof coat cover can also become a clothing category. To the props, this can make the wardrobe more clear, especially for people with a lot of clothes, its effect is still very good.

How to choose display storage

1. Determine the size according to the number of clothes. First of all, you can classify your clothes into different categories, such as summer clothes and winter clothes. Then the rest of the clothes can be distinguished from formal clothes and casual clothes, especially suits and shirts. Why separate? Because you can determine how many, how long, and how long you need them, so that you can fully pack your clothes into the closet. The clothes you often wear can be packed in a storage box, which is more convenient.

2. Touch the material. At present, the dustproof effect of Oxford cloth is good, and it also has the effects of moisture resistance, damage resistance, and aging resistance. The better the quality of the clothing transparent dustproof coat cover, the more obvious the effect. Therefore, when choosing, you can feel whether the material is dust-proof material.

3. It is also necessary to pay attention to the opening of the hanger. If it is too large, it will still fall off. If it is too small, it will not be suitable, so the hanger is not easy to take out. Pay attention to whether the needle thread of the transparent dustproof coat cover is sewn carefully. For people with cockroaches in the home, the fine workmanship is particularly important.

4. As for the pattern and the like, you can choose according to your own situation. One is made of transparent dustproof coat cover, so that you can see the clothes inside. It will be more practical for people with more clothes. Remember: The transparent dustproof coat cover is larger than the clothes so that the clothes don't squeeze together and cause the clothes to become crumpled.

The closet is so large. After covering it with a transparent dustproof coat cover for clothes, do you worry about whether it will occupy the space? In fact, everyone should pay more attention to the selection. Can be used when it is.

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