Which is good for baby nail clippers?

- Nov 21, 2019-

Which is good for baby nail clippers?
The safety of baby nail clippers should be considered as the first consideration. Safety is the first element in choosing a baby's product. When choosing a baby nail clipper, the safety factor is preferred. Whether the baby nail clipper has a design to prevent splashing of nail stains, or whether it prevents the design of cutting the baby's fingers, requires careful observation and consultation. The safety nail clipper preferably has a plastic cover attached to the nail clipper and a safety flap to limit the baby's fingers from sticking into the nail clipper to avoid hurting the little finger. The cut nails can be temporarily stored in the nail clips without splashing into the baby's eyes, hurting the eyes, and the cut nails can be poured out together after use.
Baby nail clippers made of good materials have antibacterial effect, although the price will be more expensive, but it can ensure the safety of the baby. Some of the inferior baby nail clippers use plastic materials that are not only ugly in appearance, but also have an odor and cannot guarantee the safety of the baby. It is best to choose a nail clipper made of antibacterial material. Although the price is high, it also gives the baby more safety. Even if it is not made of antibacterial material, parents need to see if the nail clipper uses inferior plastic. Inferior plastics generally have odor, uneven color, and the plastic is grainy and not smooth. Mothers need to pay special attention when shopping.
Some babies don't cooperate, and mothers may need to hold nail clippers for a long time to help their baby cut their nails. It is very important that the handle of the nail clipper is well gripped. When parents buy baby nail clippers, they can hold them in their hands and try to see if the grip of the pliers handles. The pliers of the nail clipper should be placed just on the finger, leaving a little gap for easy insertion and removal.
There are different types of baby nail clippers, so mothers can choose according to their needs.
 1. Ring-type baby nail clipper: suitable for babies under 3 years old. This product is the most common type of baby nail clipper. It is characterized by a round ring on the bottom of the nail clipper. When the parent uses the index finger in the ring, it can play a non-slip effect and avoid slipping due to the finger. Clip the baby's finger. At the same time, such nail clippers usually have a plastic support around which the cutting edge is cut, which can prevent the baby from being too deep and hurt the baby, further ensuring the safety of the nail clipper. In addition, the nail clipper's cut is designed according to the baby's nail size. 2, baby nail scissors: suitable for babies under 6 months of use. Newborn baby's nails grow very fast. They need to be trimmed once in three days, and the nails are thin, soft and small. Many mothers say that using baby nail scissors is relatively more practical. First of all, the strength of using baby nail scissors is slow, and the use of nail clippers is usually a sudden force, the latter is relatively easier to cut the baby's fingers. Secondly, the baby's fingernail scissors can be used to see the baby's fingertips, and it is better to avoid over-pruning. The baby nail scissors are designed according to the curvature of the baby's nails. The size is small, the knife edge is thin, it is easy to trim, and the round tip is safer. Baby nail scissors are very suitable for babies under 6 months, especially newborn babies, but baby nail scissors may not be easy to use with nail clippers as the baby grows and the nails become harder.
3, magnifying glass baby nail clippers. Since the baby's fingers and nails are very small, a baby nail clipper with a magnifying glass is born in order to make the parents see more clearly when cutting the nails for the baby. The product is equipped with a 4x magnifying glass on the baby nail clipper. When using it, place the nail between the cutting edges, adjust the lens, and press the nail clipper handle with your thumb and forefinger. If you don't use a magnifying glass, just fold it and use only the pliers. When using it again, first unscrew the nail clipper handle and then raise the magnifying glass. This baby nail clipper is perfect for parents who are afraid to look at their nails and not dare to start.
4, anti-meat baby nail clippers. The most fear of nailing your baby is to clip your fingers, so many baby nail clippers have anti-meat design. This product has been reported in plastic around the edge of the clamp to minimize damage to your baby's fingers. The stainless steel of the whole nail clipper is wrapped in PAT green plastic, without revealing any sharp parts. The nail cut is more suitable for the size and shape of the baby's nails, making the baby's nails safer.

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