Wine bottle umbrella features

- Mar 30, 2019-

This is not just a beautiful bottle. Pulling out the upper end of the bottle is a beautiful umbrella; this unique bottle, the umbrella is stored inside, not only can be placed vertically, the bottle cap can be pulled out and the lanyard can be hung. It will become a beautiful decoration; it will not leak water when it is installed in the wet umbrella; it is also a good choice for the products with ingenuity and fun.

Characteristics and functions of wine bottle umbrella (also known as: concept wine bottle umbrella, concept gift wine bottle umbrella)

1. This is a very unique design umbrella, beautiful umbrella like art, usually not used, placed at home, is a very very beautiful art furnishings!

2. Whether it is on a sunny day or a rainy day, open the memories in the bottle, look for the taste of love in the days of missing, open an umbrella, and experience romance and intoxication. This rainy season is suitable for you. Entangling emotions, beauty never grows old.

3. Unscrew the bottleneck, open it is an umbrella. When not in use, fold the umbrella and put it into the bottle. It can prevent the rain from getting wet on the ground or clothing. The lanyard hidden in the cork is easy to hang it. Very clever.

4. The elegant and creative details of the bottle umbrella are so pleasing between the hands. With such a beautiful umbrella, the beautiful girls and boys will not forget to carry them when they go out.

bottle umbrella