Wrist Mouse Pad

- Mar 10, 2020-

Wrist Mouse Pad is made of high quality eco-friendly EVA material, the shape is designed according to the scientific principles of human body structure, creative and humane, soft and comfortable, and the mouse is positioned accurately. Sore effect, the surface can be printed with your favorite pattern or LOGO, etc.

Long-lasting color ---- Printing using full-color thermal transfer process, the color is bright and does not fade.

Practical and environmentally friendly ---- using safety silicone material, imported Lycra fabric, unique PU non-slip bottom

Scientific design ---- The design height of the wristband is designed in combination with the downward movement of the wrist, which can maintain wrist comfort and normal blood circulation, protect the wrist joints, and reduce wrist fatigue and pain caused by long-term use of the mouse. It has a very good prevention effect for the mouse hand that is popular in the society.

Tips: The rubber sole and EVA silicone materials will have a little smell, but our mouse pads are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly new materials. The smell is very weak!

Round Mouse Pad-1