Underwater Phone Bag

Item Number: 19070828
Product Name:Underwater phone Bag
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Product Material:PVC+ABS
Net Weight:40~60g
Product Size:10.5x17.5cm,11x22cm
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Fashion Gifts Fashiongiftvip.com Waterproof Mobile Phone Bag Transparent Cell Phone Pouch PVC Underwater Phone Case Cover Universal For Under 6.2' 


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Underwater phone Bag

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T/T, Paypal, Western Union

Name: underwater phone bag
Material: PVC+ABS material
Application for: swimming, drifting, surfing, fishing, aquatic park, marina, etc.
Maximum size: For smartphone less than 6.2 inches
Maximum underwater depth: 35 meters
Underwater Phone Bag Features:
1. Soft dedicated TPU with tensile strength, acting as shock absorber with fall protection
2. Waterproof cover for mobile phone, resistant to dust, sand, snow and wind, antacid and alkali
3. Waterproof cover allows you to comfortably use the function of the machines
4. Waterproof cover on the back of a transparent design, easy to use camera functions
5. Float when falling in deep water with sufficient buoyancy
6. New generic universal waterproof case for Smartphone

Underwater Phone Bag Tips:
1. Before using this product, please do a water resistance test and check for damaged parts, especially the seals and surroundings.
2. After each use, please check the corners and seals, and avoid strong impacts and scratches. Do not use it permanently under high temperature.
3. After using in water, if you need to remove the mobile phone, please turn down the seal to prevent the residual water from entering the underwater phone bag. The capacitive screen mobile phone with this underwater phone bag is very sensitive on the water. Under water, it will be slow due to the influence of water pressure. In most cases, the basic failure of the underwater touch screen is not the problem of underwater phone bag, but the phone's capacitive screen problem. The reason why it cannot be operated underwater is because a layer of conductive material is on the surface of the capacitive screen. When a finger touches the screen, a part of the electric power is absorbed, which causes a change in the electric field to perform the touch operation. Since water is a conductor, if the screen is unable to detect the position of the finger after touching the water, the touch will fail. This is related to the type of mobile phone screen, such as Moto's Me525 rugged mobile phone, there is no problem in soaking in water, but the touch screen is a capacitive screen, and the water is a conductor, which causes the capacitive screen to fail. If it is a resistive screen, it can still be used underwater.

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