Foldable Phone Charging Wall Holder

Item Number: 19070881
Product Name: Foldable Phone Charging Wall Holder
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Product Material: Plastic
Net Weight:Around 15g
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Fashion Gifts Foldable   Phone Charging Wall Holder Foldable Wall Charger Adapter Hanger Shelf Mobile   Phone Charging Holder 


Product Name:

Foldable Phone Charging Wall Holder

Product Color/Logo

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Are you having trouble charging your   mobile phone? I do not know where to put my mobile phone. Is it safe to put   it on the table when charging? Not to mention that children may run into it.   If we do not move around, we will not only damage the mobile phone but also   trip.

Now with this creative business mobile   phone charging dock, the latest design concept, folding and portable. When   charging, just wrap the charger's cord on a convenient stand. Place the phone   above. Once the security of the phone did it for me. The extra data cables   from 2 can be well stored. No more worrying about your phone falling back.   The product is reinforced. Thickening and filling. Enlarged size.


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