Ballpoint Pen Other Additives

- Mar 30, 2019-

(1) Lubricants and corrosion inhibitors

In the ink component, fatty acid is usually used as a lubricant, and the lubricant is also a co-solvent. The lubricant includes: A, lubricating the ball to provide fluent writing; B, preventing the ink from drying, and making the ballpoint pen stable and good. Pen performance; C, increase the depth of dye dissolution, improve dye color. The introduction of fatty acids is corrosive to certain nib metals (such as copper alloys), causing a heterogeneous crystalline material in the ink to block the channels, thus shortening the life of the ballpoint pen. The use of fatty acids and corrosion inhibitors can solve the corrosion problem while meeting the lubrication requirements. The corrosion inhibitor used in the experiment is dissolved in the fatty acid in a saturated state, and the anticorrosive purpose can be achieved.

(2) Antioxidant, anti-drying agent

Another reason for the formation of agglomerated plugs and crowns in ballpoint pen inks is the oxidation of the brass and the interface, and the production of copper and zinc compounds in the solution. The antioxidant contains substances that can adsorb and absorb the surrounding oxygen, so it can effectively prevent oxidation. The combination of the antioxidant and the corrosion inhibitor can more effectively prevent or inhibit the corrosion of the copper alloy. Experiments show that the antioxidant effect we use good. In the experiment, we also used anti-drying agent, the main function is to prevent the oxidative drying of the ink surface or ink, so that the ink and ink have a better visual effect, while extending its use period and retention period, and can improve the ballpoint pen when applied. Performance, anti-drying agent is also an antioxidant.