Ballpoint Pen Use Common Sense

- Feb 10, 2019-

1. The pen is more durable than the general pen, but if it is used improperly, it can't be written. This is mainly because the dry solid ink sticks around the steel ball to hinder the ink from flowing out. Ink is a viscous oil which is prepared by using sesame oil, synthetic pine nut oil (mainly containing terpene alcohol), mineral oil (oil obtained by fractionating petroleum and other minerals), hard rubber added to soot, etc. .

2. When using a ballpoint pen, do not write on oily or waxy paper. Otherwise, the oil and wax are embedded in the copper bowl along the side of the steel ball to affect the ink and can't write the word, but also avoid the impact and exposure of the pen. When the gloves are good, the cap is worn to prevent the pen tip, the pen holder from being deformed, and the refilling body from leaking oil. In case of cold or long time unused. When the pen is not out of oil, you can put the pen in the warm water for a while and then stroke the pen tip on the paper to write the word.

3. The ballpoint pen has a big disadvantage: the handwriting it writes is very clear at first; but it can't stand the test of time. After a long time, the handwriting will slowly blur. This is because the ink of the ballpoint pen is made of dye and castor oil. Oil is not the same as water. It is not easy to dry. After a long time, the oil will slowly dip on the paper and the writing will become blurred. Therefore, the ballpoint pen can only be used as a common writing pen. If you want to save your writing for a long time, you need a pen.

4. The ballpoint pen will fall to the ground. If the pen tip touches the ground at 90 degrees, the ballpoint pen will not be damaged. However, if it is bruised at the mouth, it will cause "oiling" at the gap. In severe cases, the ball will fall off and appear. Difficulties in writing and so on.