Pecial Bag Pencial Pouch

- Nov 12, 2019-

My pencil bag has followed me for more than two years, but I still don't want to change a new idea. It accompanied me to the sun, to accompany me to class, to write homework, and I have become a good friend who is inseparable.

The pencil bag is oval in shape and is about twenty centimeters long and about ten centimeters wide. Navy, made of very ordinary fabric. The pattern is very simple, just a few letters. I used more than 700 days, but I didn't wash it at all. If I didn't look at it under the light, I could hardly see that it was dirty. A zipper head was broken, and if it was thrown on the street, it was estimated that no one was jealous.

One day at noon, I chatted with my classmates while throwing a pencil bag. I accidentally threw the pencil bag from the third floor to the first floor. Oops, it’s over, the automatic pen that I just bought yesterday is definitely broken, and the pencil lead is definitely broken. I flew to the first floor, picked up my pencil bag, and couldn't wait to open the zipper. There was a ecstasy in my heart. It turned out that the new automatic pen was safe and sound, and even the fragile pencil lead was lying in the box, and none of them broke. An extremely ordinary pencil bag contained such a simple energy. I was so excited that I held the pencil bag tightly with both hands, just like holding a baby.

Another time, we are listening to the teacher seriously, and the classroom is quiet enough to hear the teacher’s voice. Suddenly, the "squeaky" sound shocked everyone. Some of the students were scared to pan the chest, and some frightened to jump from the stool. Even the teacher stopped the class. Everyone brushed their heads in the direction of the sound. It turned out that a pencil box of a classmate fell to the ground and broke. Ha, my pencil bag has also fallen to the ground several times, but it doesn't affect everyone's study at all, and I have never encountered such awkward things. An unremarkable pencil bag is obscure, and the effect is not small!

Mom said that the pencil bag is old, it should be replaced with a new one, but I still can't bear it. Although it does not speak, it tells me from time to time like a mentor. Only when it is unpretentious and obscure will it last forever and people will cherish it.