Post-it Notes

- Jun 30, 2019-

3M is recognized as the world's first brand in the tape industry. The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation, founded in 1992 in Minnesota, is a long-established multinational company with a wide range of products and innovation. In 1910, the company moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, where it was headquartered, and in 1914 launched the first exclusive Three-M-iteTM abrasive cloth. The process of innovation begins. In 1921, the world's first waterproof abrasive paper WetordryTM was born and registered in 3M, creating a new era for industrial grinding. In 1924, 3M began formal product development. Since then, innovative products such as ScotchTM masking tape, ScotchTM cellophane tape, ScotchTM vinyl electronic insulation tape, and refastenable diaper tape have been introduced. In particular, the Post-itTM newsletter, which was born in 1980, revolutionized the exchange of information. The emergence of an endless stream of innovative products confirms every advancement in 3M. Post-itTM, ScotchgardTM, ScotchTM, ThinsulateTM, FiltreteTM, Scotch-BriteTM, NomadTM, DyneonTM, NexcareTM... A variety of products from well-known brands have been promoted to the world, affecting and changing people's lifestyles and habits.