Post-it Notes Produce

- May 30, 2019-

In 1974, when 3M engineer Arthur Fry attended the service, he used to use a piece of paper in the songbook as a logo, but the paper often fell off when turning the page. He thought if there was a glue, "a bit Sticky is not too sticky, can be attached to the paper strip, and can be repeatedly peeled off without damaging the paper, it would be perfect! "But the reaction of the sticky note was not successful at first, then the marketing staff thought of why The convenience post was sent to the secretary of the top 100 companies for trial use. The result was quite enthusiastic. It also created the export monument for the convenience sticker. It is still selling well. It is still the unbeaten product of 3M stars, and continues to evolve other stars such as seamless hooks. commodity.

Let’s talk about the story of the birth of the sticky note. There is a rumor inside 3M: "The Post It Note may have been a God-sent, literally."

In 1977, when Arthur Fry sang poems in the church choir, the bookmarks kept falling, and he couldn't quickly find the correct number of pages in the poem. So, he thought of making a piece of hype that could be repeatedly pasted and would not fall off or be damaged. He noticed that his colleague Dr. Spencer Silver invented a special adhesive formulation in 1968. The adhesive can be repeatedly applied without leaving residual glue. So he used this glue on the back of the paper strip, and his church hymn problem was solved perfectly! After continuous improvement, the magical post-it was born.