Training Knowledge From Fashion Gifts Company For Salesperson Of New Year 2020

- Jan 02, 2020-

Training knowledge from fashion gifts company for salesperson of New Year 2020

What are the characteristics of promotional gifts? How to plan a promotion?

As the competition in the physical enterprise market becomes more and more fierce, merchants have to engage in some promotional activities to seize the market in order to get a share. Promotional gifts from fashion gifts have also become one of the most commonly used weapons in the battle for stores. What kind of gifts can we send to satisfy our customers? Can we still actively participate in the next event after returning from this event?

Promotional gifts from fashion gifts  is a product or gift that consumers can get when they buy a certain product. It is an additional gift and discount, and is mostly used for marketing activities. Generally, three principles should be followed: maintain the relevance with the product, simplify the design process, and do not exaggerate the value, that is, "see, get, and use well." In addition, it must meet two basic characteristics: one is that consumers can get gifts immediately when they buy, and the other is that the types of gifts they give are very attractive ...

Based on the above, fashion gifts will tell you today what features a promotional gift should have.

1. Practicality

The practicality of promotional gifts from fashion gifts is the most important of the ten characteristics. The higher the practical value of a gift, the easier it is to win the favor of consumers. If there are few opportunities to use it after taking it back, then it is not easy to attract customers, which is also one of the main factors that cause customers to avoid gifts at the scene and ask for discounts.

2. Focus on gift quality

In order to keep gifts attractive, some merchants will go out of their way to find some weird products, plus the cost control, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, which was a very large misunderstanding in the past. Therefore, even the smallest promotional gift must pay attention to quality, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

3. Gifts should be sent to the bright place

Sometimes explicitly telling consumers the price of a gift can be very effective, even if it is cheap. Because consumers go for products, promotional gifts are an incentive for you to buy. "Rite is light and affectionate"-you can increase consumer recognition and make consumers think you are sincere, which is much better than increasing consumer trust in you through other means such as media advertising.

4. Maintain relevance to the product

The choice of promotional gifts from fashion gifts are somewhat related to the product, such as buying furniture and sending towels. This will easily bring consumers the most direct sense of value to the product, and can also associate your brand at any time when using it.

Promotional gifts from fashion gifts play a very important role in physical store promotions, and sometimes even determine the success of the entire event. Of course, in addition to gifts, the planning of promotions is also very important. Summarizing and summing up 4 key points that need to be considered when planning promotional activities.

How to keep customers

Good value for money with superior quality, warm and thoughtful service. In promotional activities, gifts from fashion gifts are auxiliary props, and effective operating strategies are fundamental. Both are indispensable. As a B2B gift platform combining diversification and specialization, fashion gifts can not only provide enterprises with the purchase of promotional gifts, business gifts, welfare gifts, but also help solve marketing problems and help businesses in all industries to do business easily.