What Are The Product Highlights Of Fashion Gifts

- Jan 15, 2020-

What are the product highlights of Fashion gifts

1. The principle of value perception. The principle of sense of value needs to be grasped just right, the value of gifts is too low, it can not attract consumers, and cannot achieve the true role of promotion. Excessive sense of value will increase consumer costs and will also cause consumers to question.

2. The most important thing is the principle of practicality: Whether a promotional gift is practical or not depends on the consumer's satisfaction with the gift. Generally speaking, gifts that have practical value to consumers are practical. For example, consumers want to buy mobile phones, then promotional gifts can choose to give away headphones, batteries and other supplies. Consumers want to buy electricity, can give away kitchen supplies and so on. This allows consumers to better appreciate the practicality brought by promotional gifts.

3. Good emotionality. Good emotional gifts are generally convenient and easy to carry. Generally, the size of gifts is not easy to cause unnecessary burden. Choosing these emotional promotional items makes consumers feel that the company is thinking about customers everywhere and leaving a good impression on consumers.

4. Creative novelty principle. Creative and novel promotional gifts can always attract the attention of consumers. When selecting these promotional gifts, we must grasp the creativity of the product and mobilize consumers' purchasing desires.

5. Quality principle. The principle of quality generally agrees with and appeals to most consumers. Such promotional products must avoid the selection of fake and shoddy products, because these promotional products will directly damage the image of the enterprise in the minds of consumers, and ultimately cause the depreciation of the corporate brand image.

6, seasonal principle. The seasonal principle is generally to pay attention to seasonal changes when purchasing promotional items. Seasonal promotional items can bring sensory appeal to consumers, otherwise consumers will be annoyed by promotional items and think that these gifts are redundant .