Star Shaped Stress Ball

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PU toy characteristics: the material is mainly made of high-grade imported environmentally friendly PU. The foamed toys formed by MOLDING take the advantages of injection toys and make up for the shortcomings of injection toys.
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PU Star Stress Reliever


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Star Stress Reliever

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PU Toy intructions:

I. Product attributes

1) PU toy characteristics: the material is mainly made of high-grade imported environmentally friendly PU. The foamed toys formed by MOLDING take the advantages of injection toys and make up for the shortcomings of injection toys.

2) PU toys advantages: lifelike color, smooth surface, bright color, cute shape, will not be discouraged, durable, good resilience, safe use, soft and comfortable products, men and women of all ages!

3) PU toy function: it is a new type of toy with high grade, which can be used for gifts, collections, decorations and gifts. Printable advertising balls for advertising purposes!

4) PU toy varieties: a variety of different styles of products, such as PU ball (supply PU golf, basketball, football, baseball, tennis), animals, vegetables, fruits, key rings, mobile phone shelves, etc. The Pu model is based on the real object, very realistic, difficult to tell the true from the false, is a rare and excellent decoration. Variety is changeable for you to develop!

5) PU Toy Selection: This product can be exported to Europe and the United States and other countries, can print LOGO, can be customized according to the size and weight of customer requirements, fast delivery!

6) Pu toy price:factory sells directly, so the price is cheap, there are many regular customers, the source of customers is stable, welcome to sample customization! We wholeheartedly provide high-quality service to our customers. Welcome the guidance and patronage of business friends from all walks of life.

2. Process flow: foaming, trimming, painting, printing, sticker, packaging

1) Product shaping: The total output is related to the number of moulds. The more moulds are, the larger the daily output is. For any OEM product, there are 5 sets of starting moulds.

2) Trimming: trimming the excess edges at the closing line of the product to make the appearance neat and beautiful.

3) Painting: Coloring of products, according to their own characteristics of different colors, such as red strawberry spraying green leaves

4) Printing: It is generally suitable for monochrome LOGO printing, transfer printing, or double-color printing.

5) Sticker: Two or more colors of complex LOGO, must use transfer sticker. Because of manual alignment, it is easy to have bad position deviation and so on.

6) Packaging: It is divided into ordinary packaging and packaging according to customer's requirements.

3. Security Attributes:

Safety: PU foamed toys are safe, non-toxic and harmless. They can be tested by various international standards, such as EN71, phthalate, toxicology and so on.

Packaging: Export special carton, material A = B, inner and outer layers are 250g, reinforced corrugated core, core is 200g, the outer carton has enough gravity, through land and sea transportation does not deform, the inside is 1PC/1 polybag.

4. The defect of the product itself:

PU foamed toy gifts have many inherent shortcomings or defects due to the limitations of technology. Before placing an order, we should consult our company clearly. The present section is as follows
1) The thickness of the mould closing line can not be all the same: PU foamed products are made by filling in the mould through heat setting and post-processing procedures. When filling in the mould, the size of the mould closing line has a great relationship with the model, while the gross defect of the mould is manufactured by hand, so there are many human factors, so it is difficult to work out the thickness of the mould closing line in the injection molding. It's exactly the same.

2) Weight can not be completely consistent: this is related to the die closing line mentioned in the first point, because the thickness of the die closing line is not consistent, the residue of the die is not consistent, resulting in the actual product weight is not consistent, in addition, the accuracy of the injection molding machine has a great relationship. There is a problem of accuracy in any equipment. Generally, for example, 20 grams of ordinary products, positive and negative one gram is normal.

3) Hand feel can not be completely consistent: as mentioned in the second point, the weight is not consistent, of course, there is a small difference in hand feel.

4) The overall level of nozzle trimming is inconsistent: the grouted edges are manually trimmed, because each person's methods are inconsistent, resulting in small differences.

5) If it is a sticker process, the location of LOGO can not be exactly the same: some complex LOGO must adopt sticker process, the sticker (TRANSFER STICKER) is hand-aligned, so it is impossible for everyone to work completely uniform.

6) The biggest defect is the defect of product shape: because the product is foamed, is the blank of the whole one-time forming, so too sharp place, must have a certain radian. And it can't be separated. For example, the tire and body of a car must be connected together.

5. Certificates:

Approved BSCI, Tchibo and other inspection plants, through EN71phthalate toxicology HR4040 and other tests, can also pass CMA test (this test is required for export to Japan)

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