Printed Stadium Tumbler

Item Number: 19070807
Product Name:Printed Stadium Tumbler
Product Color/Logo:See Photos or Customized
Product Material:PP Food Grade
Net Weight:26.5g
Product Size:9.2cmx7cmx13.8cm
Payment:T/T,Paypal,West Union
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Fashion Gifts Printed Stadium Tumbler Colorful 16 OZ Customized Stadium Plastic Cup Fashionable First Rate High Quality Food Grade Plastic Stadium Cups BPA Free


Product Name:                

Printed Stadium Tumbler

Product Color/Logo                

See Photos or Customized

Product Material                

PP Food Grade

Net Weight


Product Size                



T/T,Paypal,West Union

The perfect gift for serving drinks at football games, baseball games, soccer games, and more, these printed stadium tumblers make a great take-away for all your ticketholders. Simply keep them at your refreshment stand and use them to serve the refreshments you sell. Your customers are sure to enjoy drinking from this sturdy customizable printed stadium tumblers time and time again, remembering how much fun they had at your event for months and years to come.

Printed stadium tumbler printing instructions:
1. The silk screen for printed stadium tumbler can print up to 4 colors, which is suitable for simpler printing. The color registration requirements are not very complicated. There is no gradient color pattern or logo, and the process is relatively cheaper.
2. Thermal transfer for printed stadium tumbler can print up to 8 colors, which is suitable for more complex patterns. The effect is higher than silk screen printing, and the price is higher. The thermal transfer printing cost around 50~60usd each color, and the printing fee is non-refundable.
3, the film for printed stadium tumbler can be printed up to 8 colors, similar to thermal transfer, printing cost around 75~100usd each color, compared to thermal transfer printing covers a larger area, suitable for straight cups.
4. UV printing for printed stadium tumbler can print up to 4 colors and requires a UV machine. It is suitable for people who require high printing fastness. The process effect is far superior to silk screen printing. The processing cost is slightly higher than silk screen printing and there is few printing cost.
5. PVC inserts, suitable for various pattern requirements, can make transparent effects, suitable for straw cups.
6. Colored paper, printed on paper, suitable for various pattern effects, the paper is opaque.

Warming Tips for printed stadium tumbler:
1. The printed stadium tumbler are made of imported food-grade bullet-proof glass pure raw materials for one-time injection-blow molding. The cup body has certain hardness. The inner and outer walls of the cup body are smooth, transparent and uniform, easy to clean, tough, light and durable. It is not easy to rupture and the seal of the cup is good; the material of the cup is imported environmental protection PP material and stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of food-safe silicone;
2. Applicable temperature of cup body: -20 ℃ -120 ℃. However, it is generally not recommended to use hot water at high temperature, and the water temperature is ≤60 ℃.
3. This printed stadium tumbler is a wide range of uses and is easy to carry. It is suitable for home, office, travel sports or field operations.
4. Do not place the printed stadium tumbler near open flames and high temperature,otherwise the texture of the product surface will be damaged.
5. Fill with hot water, please tighten the lid of the cup, placed out of reach of infants and young children to avoid burns.

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